Non-Technical Questions & Answers
I don’t have a dealer near me. Will that cause problems with getting parts or technical support?
No. Cobra has trimmed down the number of dealers it has representing the brand, keeping only those that are top performers. Having quality dealers will only improve the service you receive. Furthermore, we back up our dealers with our industry-unique direct technical support line (phone and email) so no question ever goes unanswered. Finally, we offer a drop-ship service so that any dealer can have any part (or bike) on their doorstep the next morning if necessary. We’ve even drop shipped parts to the track on Saturday to make sure our customers have what they need to go racing!

Do you offer factory tours?
By appointment.

Why doesn’t Cobra make big bikes?
The answer is simple… We want to focus on the youth market because we believe diluting our efforts elsewhere will negatively effect the job we’re doing with kids and their families.

Do you have dealers in Australia?
Absolutely! Australia is one of our strongest growing markets. For direct questions, please contact:

I’ve heard parts are hard to get in Australia, is this true?
Not at all. Not only does Cobramoto supply parts all over Australia, we also drop ship anything right to your door using express post. 

Are Cobras really ‘Made in America’?
Yes. Our export documents show that over 80% of the content of Cobra motorcycles comes from the USA. For reference, this is more than any car or truck produced in U.S. factories. Cobra makes its own engines and chassis in-house, and we have full manufacturing capabilities for many of our components. Of course, there are some parts like carburetors and suspension that are purchased elsewhere, however, we always seek out the best companies in the world to work with for items that cannot be found locally.